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Drummer - Composer - Producer - Multiinstrumentalist

You might know German drummer Bodo Schopf from the sheer amount of studio projects and live work

I have played several tours around the world, many great stages like Wembley Arena, Apollo Theater, Monsters of Rock and many more.... Many big open air festivals around Europe as well as in the USA, Japan and Canada. I played in bands supporting Rush, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Scorpions, , Ozzy Osborne, Mothers Finest, Bon Jovi…..

I’ve played music since I was 5 and compose music since the age of 8. Today I work as a Composer and Producer for various production music and stock music publishers.

I was in many TV Shows with full Playback and also played live. I done MTV, a live German TV show called Ohne Filter, even played in a movie called Cold Fever. Of course we filmed many videos with the McAuley Schenker Group and recorded a live video with The Sweet. There was also videos with Eloy.

I’ve played on over 200 albums and well over a thousand jingles and commercials. I played for artists like Chris Thompson, Eric Burdon, Hazel O’Connor, Gotthardt, Michael Schenker, Eloy, The Sweet, Jack Bruce and many others. I’ve recorded in the Record Plant and One on One studios both in L.A. The Puk studio in Denmark, Musicland of Munich and so many others.Today I record drums in my own studio.

Or you might know Bodo from his work on McAuley Schenker albums ‘Perfect Timing’ in 1987 and ‘Save Yourself’ 1989…. In 1985 I played on the Rock Me Amadeus tour for Austrian star Falco. Then I got an invitation to go to London and audition for Michael Schenker. I was drummer number 64, and 2 weeks later I was in the rehearsal room with Michael Schenker. I played for 5 years with his band. We recorded the albums and made music video’s for songs like Love is Not a Game, Anytime and This is My Heart. 1991 I joined the Band Juicy Lucy and played 4 Tours and 2 Albums with The Sweet. 1993 I played a tour for the German Rock Singer Udo Lindenberg, After that I joined the German prog rock band Eloy in 1994, 5 albums and many tours followed. In 2007 I played again with Michael Schenker, then back with Eloy. In 2019 I rejoined The Michael Schenker Group, played USA Tour several Festivals and another Album, In January 2021 Michael Schenker released a new Album, since this is his 50year Celebration of his Career, I share the drums with Simon Phillips and Brian Tichy, as well he released a DVD from the German Bang your head Festival, where we headlined, with me on the drums.

In 2022 a new album will be released by the Michael Schenker Group where you will of course hear my drumming again.

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PAISTE Cymbals

since 1985


musicians, producers and bands for whom i have worked live or in the recording studio:

Quasi modo Geniti, Maximum Party Band, Kelly Brown, Argo, Woulfhound, Matter of Taste, Lenny Mac Dowell, Mick Jackson, Seeway, Michael Schanze, Joe Schwarz Big Band, Amanda Lear, Anthony Monn, Pee Äx, Joy Flemming, Madison Bleed, Wally Warning, Patrick Gammon, Gammarock, John Davis, Marchena Bishop Band, Dieter Seelow, Michael Schenker, Falco, Andy Johns, Frank Filipetty, Manchebo, David Hanselmann, Ferdinand Förster, Eric Burdon, Juicy Lucy, The Sweet, Aido, Eloy, Ralf Illenberger, BBB, Rudi Butas, Oliver Hartmann, TM Stevens, Siggi Schwarz, Dicke Fische, Milan Saje, Gotthard, Mick Pini, Werner Dannemann, Gitte Haenning, Pur, Hartmut Engel Solo, Andreas Lonardoni Group, Schwoißfuaß, Ünlü, Güray Atalay, Marc Sway, Universe, Digger, Sex Angels, Helen Schneider, Hazel O Connor, The Graduates, Maddox, Kingdom, Jack Bruce, Marc Ross, Luxster, Chuck Bennett, Martin Wüstner, Thomas Blug, Gala, Robby Lutter, Stream, McAuley Schenker Group, Domain, Human, Universe, Coalminers beat, Lancelot, Franziska Kleinert, Candy Brain, Pete Dunn, Parmesan, Wendepunkt, Toss` n`Turn, Fishermans Walkband, Cat on the roof, Expedition, The Union, Chris Norman, Ray Lynch, Jeff Newmann, Wrecia Ford, Chris Thompson, Dreamcatcher, Cuban Latin Club, The Voodoo Child, Paul Harriman, Pendulum of Fortune, Klaus Kreuzeder, Stevie Woods, Udo Lindenberg, Alex Guiness, Büdi Siebert, and countless trailers, film music and advertising productions.

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