Hello and welcome to my studio section

Hi, my name is Bodo Schopf and I am a professional session drummer.
I live and work in Italy. I've been playing drums for over 40 years and I have been recording drums and percussion on over 300 Albums and over a thousand trailers and commercial.

I'll take your song to the next level.

I play custom made drum sets from Premier, Pearl and Ludwig, absolutely great sounding room, I use high quality microphones, you have the option of a dry room up to a big sounding room, but you get different room sounds from me through different microphone positioning.

All I need is a stereo rough mix of your song without drums starting from, & the BPM. We talk about the vibe and sound you want. Then you send your files via sound better.

After the recording, I'll send you an Mp3 of your song with my drums, then we talk about any changes you may want, once you're happy I'll send you all individual drum tracks, and a stereo drum mix if required.

And I will do all I can to make sure you get exactly what you want for your song. I also play percussion Latin Style, and Ethno percussion, got a lot of percussion Instruments.

Some of my credits: Michael Schenker, Eric Burdon, Chris Thompson, Hazel O`Connor, Mick Jackson, Eloy, The Sweet, Wrecia Ford, Chris Norman, Andy Johns, Frank Filipetti, Marc Sway and many more.

Bodo Schopf, Live drum track on SoundBetter